What Is Xeriscaping in Colorado?

When you think of landscaping, you probably imagine lush green lawns or high-maintenance gardens. While these can be gorgeous, they aren’t the right choice for every property or homeowner. 

That’s why xeriscaping was developed. Here’s what you need to know about xeriscaping in Colorado, why it’s beneficial, and what it might include in your yard. 

What Is a Xeriscape?

Xeriscaping is defined as “designing landscapes to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation.” In other words, it’s intended to create landscapes that can survive with little or no extra water beyond normal rain and snowmelt. Instead of using turf lawns and other thirsty plants, xeriscapes use carefully chosen plants and materials to build beautiful landscapes that are still livable outdoor spaces. 

While many people associate xeriscapes with rocks and cacti, they can take many forms. A xeriscape designed for high mountain elevations will look very different from one intended for a prairie environment or a desert. 

Xeriscapes have become popular nationwide, but they first gained traction in Denver, Colorado, when the local water department encouraged residents to save water by reducing lawn irrigation. Today, they are beloved alternatives to standard, cookie-cutter landscapes and bring the unique beauty of Colorado closer to home.

Benefits of Xeriscaping

The most important benefit of xeriscaping is simple: it uses less water. These landscapes are built for the temperature extremes and occasional droughts Colorado experiences, so they will continue to be vibrant and healthy when others wither.

Additionally, xeriscapes are low-maintenance. Once the proper plants and materials are established, they need minimal daily or weekly attention. Homeowners spend significantly less time watering, mowing, and pruning and more time enjoying the outdoors.

Finally, xeriscapes are excellent for local butterflies, birds, and pollinators. These landscapes encourage more of Colorado’s beautiful wildlife to visit your yard and reduce the likelihood of invasive species making it a home.

What Does a Xeriscaped Yard Include?

A fundamental element of successful and long-lasting xeriscaping is using native plants. These plants are perfectly suited to survive in the local environment, so they rarely need much attention to thrive. Not only does this reduce their water needs, but it also minimizes the maintenance homeowners need to perform and benefits the local environment.

Additionally, most xeriscapes use mulch, sand, native stone, and patios instead of large areas of turf grass. When turf is present, it is often a local variety bred to withstand Colorado temperatures and droughts. As a result, there is less need to water and maintain the space, but just as much room to play and relax.

Explore Colorado Xeriscaping with Hall Landscape Contractors

A xeriscape may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for ways to help your yard stand out. You can learn more about the benefits of xeriscaping by consulting with the experts at Hall Landscape Contractors. Our friendly and focused team is available to answer your questions and help you design the yard of your dreams. Learn more by getting in touch with us today.

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