How to Irrigate Your Lawn in Denver

Most Colorado lawn owners are familiar with the struggle of keeping grass looking nice through long, dry summers. Lawn maintenance can seem especially tricky if you’re a homeowner in or around Denver due to local water regulations. However, with proper irrigation, you can keep your grass green and healthy all summer. 

Most Common Types of Irrigation Systems for Yards

Irrigation is the process of watering plants to keep them healthy when natural rainfall isn’t enough. Since many turf grasses struggle to stay green in Colorado’s long droughts, irrigation is often necessary. 

There are several irrigation strategies you can use to water your lawn, but some are simpler than others. The most common solutions for irrigating yards include:

  • Hand watering: You can irrigate your lawn by hand if you want. Of course, holding a hose over your yard for hours may not be the best use of your time. 
  • Temporary sprinklers: Many homeowners opt for temporary sprinklers that hook up to their normal garden hose. These sprinklers need to be moved regularly, and it is possible to over- or -underwater areas if you do not take care.
  • Permanent sprinklers: These systems are installed underneath the turf and are fed by dedicated water lines. The water is sprayed into the air and falls onto the turf like rain. They often include timer systems, allowing owners to “set and forget” the watering process. They are highly effective but require routine maintenance to work correctly.
  • Drip irrigation: In contrast, drip systems are semi-permanent above-ground systems that deliver water directly onto the dirt. This makes them more efficient and easier to install, but they still require routine maintenance to prevent the emitters from clogging.

Each system has its benefits and drawbacks, but many homeowners find drip and permanent sprinkler systems to be the most efficient in terms of cost, time, and effort.

How Often to Water Lawns in Denver

Denver Water has strict rules regarding how and when lawns can be watered. The utility states that no lawn zone may be watered more than three times a week or between 10 am and 6 pm.

Beyond those restrictions, Denver Water recommends watering lawns for 12-20 minutes with fixed-spray sprinklers, or 30-45 minutes for high-efficiency nozzles, depending on the temperature and recent rainfall. 

You can make your watering time even more efficient by performing “cycle and soak” irrigation. For example, instead of watering for 20 minutes straight, consider splitting that time in half. Water for 10 minutes, then give the ground time to absorb moisture before watering for another 10 minutes. This encourages the soil to actually soak up all the moisture instead of allowing it to evaporate away, leading to healthier roots and greener grass.

Make Sure Your Irrigation System Works With Hall Landscape Contractors 

Even the best irrigation system only works if you keep it in good condition. At Hall Landscape Contractors, we install and maintain sprinkler systems for homeowners around the Denver Metro Area. Learn more about how we can keep your yard looking great by getting in touch with us today.

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