How to Improve Your Front Yard Landscaping

Your front yard is the key to your home’s curb appeal. A well-landscaped yard can make a property more beautiful, inviting, and valuable. 

Whether you’re interested in selling your house or just want to make it more pleasant to come home to, your front yard is the place to start. Here’s why curb appeal matters and four tricks to improve your yard with the help of skilled landscapers

Why Curb Appeal Matters

The term curb appeal is most often used in the real estate industry to describe a house’s outside appearance. Homes that look nicer from the road have higher appeal, which can significantly raise their value by making a stronger first impression on potential buyers. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reported that making your home’s exterior more appealing can raise its selling price by as much as 7%. 

Of course, great landscaping isn’t just important for selling homes. It can also raise the appraised value of a property, which can have benefits like:

  • Ending mortgage insurance payments early
  • Making it easier to acquire home equity loans
  • Improving your credit score

In short, a nicer yard can have financial benefits. 

4 Effective Ways to Improve Front Yard Landscaping

If you make an effort to keep your home looking nice, your landscaping is where you can make the biggest impact on curb appeal. These four options can elevate your yard and take your home’s value to the next level.

Add Native Plants

Nothing brings down a landscape like dead and wilting plants. Instead of standard landscaping plants, consider working with Colorado’s native plants. They are striking and hardy, so they look good even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

Add an Irrigation System

An irrigation system can make all the difference if you want to maintain your lawn or drought-sensitive plants. A well-designed irrigation system will keep everything green and healthy without requiring you to constantly haul around hoses or portable sprinklers in the summer heat.

Place a Water Feature

Fountains, ponds, and small waterfalls can elevate any property. Installing a water feature in your front yard adds a touch of color and sound that can make your home feel more private and closer to nature.

Consider a Xeriscape

If you’re looking for a bigger change, consider updating your landscaping to a xeriscape. These designs work with the natural Colorado environment, using native plants, mulch, and rock gardens to create beautiful, water-efficient landscapes. As an added benefit, they’re easy to maintain, keeping your property looking great even when life gets in the way.

Discuss Your Front Yard With Hall Landscape Contractors

No matter how big or small your front yard is, the right landscape can make it more appealing. Hall can help. Our dedicated landscape designers can help you create the perfect plan for your yard. Learn more about how we can design and install a landscape to increase your home’s curb appeal by talking to our team today.

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