Colorado Landscaping Materials: Elegant Alternatives to Standard Sod

While sod lawns remain the most common solution for Colorado lawns, they are far from the only option. More and more homeowners are considering alternatives to time-consuming and water-hungry grass for at least part of their yards. 

The best grass alternative depends on what you want from your property. Below, we’ve collected three of the best alternative materials to consider for part of your yard if you want to save time and money on lawn maintenance. 

Custom Patios 

The simplest alternative to grass is no plants at all. Brick and stone patios provide an almost maintenance-free space to spend time outside. When well-designed and built by a skilled landscaper, patios can last for decades and offer a firm foundation for grills, parties, and relaxing outdoors. The downside is that a patio is unlikely to fill your entire yard, so you will need to combine it with other methods. 

Rock Gardens 

Rock gardens can be a good choice for space you don’t want to use. Don’t worry – they’re much more than just a pile of stones. A typical rock garden uses stone and natural materials to cover most of the space and accent a few shrubs and stands of native Colorado wildflowers. 

These Colorado landscaping no-grass gardens are relatively low-maintenance and well-suited to Colorado’s mountain climate. Many local plants evolved for the exact conditions a rock garden provides, so you can bring a hint of nature into your yard that will take care of itself once it’s established. 

Drought-Tolerant Native Groundcovers

Colorado homeowners often struggle to keep their yards looking good during our long, bright summers. Replacing sod with local groundcover options can help you keep some of the look of traditional sod while reducing the water and mowing demands grass requires. Some of the best alternatives include:

  • Dymondia and Antennaria dioica work well for small areas. These low-growing plants will spread to fill contained areas like road verges without overwhelming the rest of your landscaping. 
  • Creeping juniper and low-growing fragrant sumac are great for edges and retaining walls. These shrubs stay low to the ground while adding lovely texture and color all year long. They also help keep down weeds and are resistant to browsing deer.  
  • Delosperma varieties and snow-in-summer work for larger areas. These flowering greens love to spread and are native to Colorado. They’ll quickly fill larger spaces, attract pollinators, and are relatively accepting of occasional foot traffic. 

Start Planning Your Low- or No-Grass Yard With Hall Landscape Contractors

If you’re ready to stop the endless cycle of watering and mowing your lawn, it’s time to talk to the skilled Castle Rock landscaping team at Hall Landscape Contractors. Our experienced designers can help you plan a sod-free yard better suited for Colorado weather. Talk to us today to learn how we can help you transform your yard into an unforgettable outdoor living space. 

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