3 Benefits of Working With Local Landscaping Contractors

When it’s time to refresh your landscaping, you need to make many decisions. However, the single most important decision happens before you ever look at plants and designs. Before doing anything else, you need to choose your landscaper. 

If you want the best possible results for your yard, make sure you work with an established local team. Here’s why choosing a landscaper from Douglas County makes such a big difference.

1. Regional Knowledge

The biggest benefit of working with a local landscaper is their knowledge. The area around Denver and Douglas County is a unique, semi-arid, high-altitude environment where traditional landscaping techniques struggle to achieve quality results. Without regional knowledge, it can be difficult for national companies (or even landscapers from other parts of Colorado) to make your yard look the way you want.

In contrast, established local companies understand the conditions your yard experiences. This experience allows designers at landscaping companies like Hall Landscape Contracting to produce detailed plans for your property that will stand the test of time. 

Furthermore, Hall has the tools and equipment that work with your soil, water, and sun exposure. Our experience in and around Douglas County has taught us how to use the right tool for the job and produce beautiful yards in less time.

2. Experience With Weather Conditions

Another major hurdle for successful Colorado landscaping is the dramatic weather. Long, dry, hot summers and frigid, snow-heavy winters mean that relying on standard landscape techniques doesn’t work. It might even lead to a yard full of dead, brown plants next spring. 

Local landscapers know what to expect from the weather and will provide designs that account for these extremes. At Hall Landscape Contractors, we can help you choose plants and layouts that can withstand the harshest winters and hottest summers. We can incorporate xeriscape techniques or install a true xeriscape on your property to reduce watering needs, too. 

3. Connections With Local Growers

The best way to ensure your new plants look great is to choose plants suited to your yard’s conditions. A local landscaper can help make that happen by sourcing native plants from regional growers that other contractors may not know about. 

These connections with nearby growers mean the plants used by Hall Landscape Contractors are healthier, less damaged from travel, and already used to local weather and altitude. As a result, they’re quicker to thrive in your yard. 

Connect With Hall: Your Local Landscaper

Don’t waste your time on inexperienced or distant landscaping companies. Instead, talk to Hall Landscape Contractors. Our team has spent years working in and around Douglas County, Colorado, and we understand the ins and outs of transforming your yard from blah to beautiful. Get in touch today to discuss your dream yard and learn more about how our local designers and installers can make your dreams come true.

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