Top Five Perennial Groundcover Plants for Colorado Yards

If you want to make your yard a little more beautiful, choosing the right plants matters. In Colorado’s weather, most standard landscaping plants become high-maintenance, requiring regular watering and mulching just to survive. 

However, some plants are perfectly suited to the local environment already. These are five of the best native perennials for Denver, beloved for being low-maintenance and easy to grow. Consider them for groundcover in a new landscape or as accents in your existing garden. 

Purple Poppy Mallow (Wine Cups)

Scientific Name: Callirhoe involucrata

Native Range: Western US

Size: 6-12” tall and wide

Light: Full sun

Water: Prefers dry soil, tolerates moderate drought

These small plants have bright red-purple flowers that last for several months and beautiful lobed leaves. While individual plants are small, their trailing habit is lovely in rock gardens and alongside retaining walls. 

Creeping Juniper

Scientific Name: Juniperus horizontalis

Native Range: Canada and northern US

Size: 18” high, up to 10’ wide

Light: Full sun

Water: Prefers dry soil, very drought tolerant

These particularly low-growing shrubs are perfect for adding greenery to rocky and dry soils. While it is not ideal for places with lots of foot traffic, it is excellent for slopes, rock gardens, and anywhere you want to prevent soil erosion.

Mat Pentstemon (Mat-Root Beardtongue)

Scientific Name: Penstemon radicosus

Native Range: Western US

Size: 2-5” high, spreading up to 3’ wide

Light: Full sun

Water: Prefers dry, well-drained soil

These beautiful purple flowers have elegant leaves and slender, trailing stems that allow them to spread in their natural rocky environment. They are perfect perennial plants for xeriscapes, especially at high altitudes.


Scientific Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Native Range: Western US and Canada

Size: 6-12” high by up to 3’ wide

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Water: Dry and moderately drought tolerant

This low, hardy evergreen shrub is an excellent option to bring year-round color to your yard. It produces small white flowers in the spring, which develop into beautiful red berries that last until February. 

Prairie Verbena (Fernleaf Verbena)

Scientific Name: Glandularia bipinnatifida

Native Range: North American prairies

Size: 6-12” tall by up to 3’ wide, self-sowing

Light: Full sun

Water: Well-drained soil, drought tolerant

This prairie plant has unique foliage and comes in various colors, from white to pink to purple. It provides interest and color all summer long in rock gardens and other xeriscapes.

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